Who We Are

The Collaborative Health Consortium is a member-supported industry group of passionate companies and individuals devoted to enabling collaborative care and the businesses, technology and care delivery ecosystems that support collaboration for better health.

Core Values

We believe that breakthrough innovations in care will require collaboration platforms that are:

• Simple
• Accessible
• Secure
• Flexible/Adaptive/Modular
• Usable

Collaborative Care and Architectures of Participation

The Problem: Our health information is mostly inaccessible and uncoordinated.  This severely reduces our ability to coordinate care around patients, leading to high costs and poor, often deadly outcomes.

The Solution: We believe that improved information flow is a core requirement to delivering better care coordination and measurably better outcomes. We need architectures of participation to enable better flow of information when and where it’s needed.

We are in the middle of a fundamental shift in health care driven by new reimbursement models, new technologies, and new government mandates that will change how care is organized. These changes willl require a shift in care delivery models from solution shops to value networks, requiring new architectures that support interactions across technology, business and care delivery platforms.

We support the development of these new architectures and hope you’ll join us in enabling collaborative, coordinated and accountable care through collaboration, standards development, education and research across traditional institutional boundaries.