This post on GigaOm, Want to Build a Business? You Need an IT Ecosystem, goes a long way toward defining why the Collaborative Health Consortium exists, and why we’re hosting the eCollaboration Forum at HIMSS12 on Feb. 23rd. If we want to change the way health car operates, how care is delivered and how we’ll pay for it, we’ll need adaptable IT systems with Lego-like technologies that can be switched rapidly to find the best solutions and deliver the most effective care.

This shift has already occurred in the broader IT market, and it will soon happen in health care due to payment reform and the ability to increase choice while minimizing costs.

Amazon and Salesforce are leaders providing the types of infrastructure and ecosystems the article discusses, and we’ll hear from them at the eCollaboration Forum. We’ll learn how these tools can be applied in health care settings along with senior executives from several large and small health care technology companies that are already using these tools. Be sure to explore the full agenda.

We don’t have many spots left for the eCollaboration Forum, so if this is a topic that interests you, be sure to register today.

What’s the relationship between platforms and ecosystems? Why do vibrant ecosystems depend on platforms? We’ll explore that in our next post.

BTW, Thanks to Vince Kuraitis for sharing the GigaOm post!

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