The Collaborative Health Consortium continues to support a number of initiatives that are aligned with our Principles and Objectives. Current initiatives include:

The Direct Project specifies a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based way for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet. Overview slide show here.

Blue Button allows Veterans to download their personal health information from their My HealtheVet account. VA developed the Blue Button in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Department of Defense, along with the Markle Foundation’s Consumer Engagement Workgroup.

P4, Participatory Patient-Provider Portal: P4 builds on Blue Button to enable patient authorization to care coordination and a feedback messaging mechanism back to the provider. For the patient, P4 uses the Blue Button file to connect VA and non-VA physicians in their care-team.

SMIUL: Simple. Meaningful. Integration. Use. Liquidity. Modeled on best practices seen in the current ONC S&I Framework, SMIUL is a new and separate work stream designed to fill emergent gaps in nationwide Health IT & Meaningful Use efforts.